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History | Haslemere Cricket Club
Established 1827


Cricket has been played in Haslemere for at least 400 years. In 1622, five men were warned about playing cricket in evening prayer time … “for that a little childe had like to have her brains beaten out with a cricket bat”.

A cricket match between Haslemere and Thursley is recorded in 1753. James Boxall, the Haslemere schoolmaster, lived in Shottermill at the turn of the 19th century and made cricket bats in his spare time.

Haslemere Cricket Club was established in 1827. Originally, the team played in what was then called Denbigh Park – now known as Lythe Hill Park (along the Petworth Road). Later they moved to a new ground in Church Lane, but have eventually settled in the “First World War Memorial Recreation Ground”.

A number of famous personalities have played for the team, notably Sir Jack Hobbs as a guest player in the 1930s (see Community – the Photo Gallery). Arthur Conan-Doyle and Lord Tennyson’s grandson, Lionel (who captained Hampshire and England), also played for Haslemere.

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