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For all fixture and detailed score card results ( all teams ), please follow this link to the Haslemere Play Cricket website.

Below is a brief overview of Current and Next month fixtures for Season 2014.

 June 2014

 Date Team vs  Opponents  Comp  H/A Res. / Comments
 Tue Jun 3  Mid-Week  Liss  Ashurst  Away  6 pm Start
 Sat Jun 7  First XI  Shepperton  Fullers  Home  Won
 Second XI  Newdigate  Fullers  Away  Abandoned
 Tue Jun 10  Mid-Week  Elsted  Ashurst  Home  6 pm Start
 Sat Jun 14  First XI  Lingfield  Fullers  Away  Losing draw
 Second XI  Merton  Fullers  Home  Winning draw
 Tue Jun 17  Mid-Week  Ebernoe  Ashurst  Away  6 pm Start
 Sat Jun 21  First XI  West End Esher  Fullers  Home  Lost by 41 runs
 Second XI  No Game  Fullers  Free Date
Mon Jun 23  Mid-Week  Midhurst  Ashurst  Away  6 pm Start *Note 1 *
Sat Jun 28  First XI  Sinjungrammarians  Fullers  Home  1 pm Start
 Second XI  Worplesdon & Burpham  Fullers  Away  1 pm Start

 Note 1   ***  Midhurst Ashurst game moved to Monday June 23 as England have a World Cup

qualifier on June 24th

July 2014

 Date Team vs  Opponents  Comp  H/A Res. / Comments
 Tue Jul 1  Mid-Week  Petersfield  Ashurst  Home  6 pm Start
 Sat Jul 5  First XI  Whiteley Village  Fullers  Home  1 pm Start
 Second XI  Chaldon  Fullers  Away  1 pm Start
 Tue Jul 8  Mid-Week  Liss  Ashurst  Home  6 pm Start
 Sat Jul 12  First XI  Battersea Ironside  Fullers  Away  1 pm Start
 Second XI  Southern Railway & Ken  Fullers  Home  1 pm Start
 Tue Jul 15  Mid-Week  Knock Out Final – tba  Ashurst  Away  6 pm Start   *Note 3*
 Sat Jul 19  First XI  Roehampton  Fullers  Away  1 pm Start
 Second XI  Mitcham  Fullers  Home  1 pm Start
Sat Jul 26  First XI  Weybridge Vandals  Fullers  Home  1 pm Start
 Second XI  Caterham  Fullers  Away  1 pm Start

Note 3   ***  Ashurst Final is between the top 2 in the league at end of league matches.

August and Sept. 2014

 Date Team vs  Opponents  Comp  H/A Res. / Comments
 Sat Aug 2  First XI  Kempton  Fullers  Home  1 pm Start
 Second XI  John Fisher  Fullers  Away  1 pm Start
 Tue Aug 5  County U10  Surrey vs Yorkshire County  The Rec  11 am Start
 Sat Aug 9  First XI  Shepperton  Fullers  Away  1 pm Start
 Second XI  Newdigate  Fullers  Home  1 pm Start
 Sat Aug 16  First XI  West End Esher  Fullers  Away  1 pm Start
 Second XI  No Game  Fullers  Free Date
Sat Aug 23  First XI  Battersea Ironside  Fullers  Home  1 pm Start
 Second XI  Southern Railway & Ken.  Fullers  Away  1 pm Start
 Sat Aug 30  First XI  Lingfield  Fullers  Home  1 pm Start
 Second XI  Merton  Fullers  Away  1 pm Start








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